Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is gender and how is it different from sex?

Gender is mental, sex is physical. Gender refers to behavioral patterns, societal expectations, and attitudes within a non-binary spectrum. In other words, gender expands beyond simply male and female. Unlike gender, sex is biologically constructed and refers to chromosomes, organs, and hormones, which are generally assigned at birth. Gender presents a complex continuum with several different identities, which is why gender-inclusive language is important.

What does it mean to be non-binary?

Non-binary individuals do not fully identify with being either male or female. They may identify as being either gender-fluid, agender (without gender), or something else entirely. Biologically, they may be of only one sex, or be intersex, but sex does not always determine gender. Write for All will help you frame your language to be more inclusive of these individuals by eliminating the usage of binary terms.

Will this tool work if the site content is in another language?

Yes because this tool sends the search to Google, which works well in many languages.

How can I donate?

We currently operate through Hack for LA, a part of Code for America. Hack for LA currently provides us our venues for coworking, hosting, and infrastructure.

To donate, go to Donate to Code for America. In the dropdown that says “If your donation is for a Brigade, please select the Brigade Name (Optional)” choose Hack for LA, OR Include Hack for LA on the memo line of your check. No donation is too small.

Hack for LA also features plenty of other social impact projects to improve Los Angeles County. Check them out here!

Can I save my search so I can do the same search later on?

You can create your own text file with the sites, and text file with the words, and then upload these. We’ll be working on this down the road!

Can I get a snapshot of the results?

You can save the Google search result pages. If more people request a snapshot report capability, then we’ll be able to develop this.

Can I use this tool on my intranet websites?

Possibly yes because this tool runs in your own web browser and connects directly to Google.